Video Slots

Online video slots work pretty much the same way as the slots that you would find in a regular casino, although they of course utilize a video display. They also use a five reel mechanism as opposed to the three wheels commonly used in traditional slots formats.

But where online video slots really…er…shine is in the display. Many of the finest online video slots in the business offer stunning graphics that you simply cannot get anywhere else. The use of cutting edge video and audio technology assures users of a playing experience that far transcends the boundaries set by traditional slots.

Another attractive facet of online video slots is the increased paylines. Most three-reel slots typically feature only a single payline, while online video slots can offer anywhere from one to nine paylines! This increases your opportunity to get winning symbol combinations, which may of course result in more wins.

There are also more variations to choose from in online video slots. Since the game selection can be changed or augmented easily–thanks to the purely software based nature of the games–players always have something new to try out. It is also the use of this technology that allows game developers to imbue their online video slots with highly advanced features that enhance playability and generally provide a much more satisfying gaming experience.