ReSpin Slots Games

Microgaming released new slots games with a re spin feature. When playing the re spin slots games you can spin any reels you want additional times while keeping original hit on other slot reels. The cost to re-spin varies depending on the odds of hitting a winning five of a kind and less which payouts the most. The amount you can win playing the online slots games with respin features is amazing. I tested the slot machines to see how the payout odds are on them and to work out a strategy.

What I found while playing and re spinning certain slot reels was that my odds of hitting a big jackpot twice was higher than when I originally hit it. One of the payouts was twenty grand so I re-spun the same reel and hit it again, I spun again a few month times and hit it again. This kept happening and soon I was at over 150,000 which was amazing. The cost to re spin was quite high but the payouts were so good it was definitely worth the risk. Playing the slot reels with the least odds of hitting a payout were 1 cents while the ones which paid out high jackpots were quite a bit. You can also re spin to hit the free spins feature. If you have not tried these new online slots by Microgaming I highly recommend you do as they are quite fun and addictive. You can play the re-spin slots games at any of the listed online casinos above.